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In addition, drones have opened the door to views and perspectives that we've only dreamed of before.  A true "birds-eye-view" of the world captured by amateurs and professionals alike who's diversity captivates us with new, interesting, creative, stunning, fun, and sometimes sad viewpoints from all over the planet.  

One of our goals through the Bay Area Drone Film Festival is to showcase some of these videos to shed light on these diverse views, and provide introspect into the lives of others, and the nature we often take for granted or have never imagined. 

"Drones are to photography/videography as a paint brush is to painting."

DRONES ARE SEXY, drones are awesome, WE LOVE DRONES.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares our sentiment.  When most people hear about drones in the news, it's bad news.  "Drones kill!"  "Drones are spying on us!"  "They better not fly over my house, I'll shoot them down!"  "They're illegal!"  "What if one crashes into my car?"  "My dog's are scared of them."  "Drone crashes into the US OPEN!"  

But drone makers and users have come up with dozens of great uses for them, including delivering first aid to a remote location, assessing damage after a natural disaster, search and rescue, 3D mapping, agricultural inspection, journalism, tower and bridge inspection, law enforcement searching for robbery suspect for instance, and our favorite... amazingly beautiful and creative photo and video applications.  

Our answer to help combat the negative perception of drones is to hold a drone video and photograph screening and celebration.

Our mission is to promote drone education and entertainment to the public, and to drone videographers, photographers, and enthusiasts through the Bay Area Drone Film Festival. 

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